What do I need to use IrisGL?

What hardware and software or devices do I need to use IrisGL ?

Asked on February 23, 2017 in Getting started.
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IrisGL will run on any modern system (circa 2010) that supports OpenGL 3, you will also need the Qt SDK and knowledge of C++.

To make use of VR functionality you will need a VR ready system https://www3.oculus.com/en-us/oculus-ready-pcs/.

Answered on February 23, 2017.
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The predecessor to OpenGL is IRIS GL. Unlike OpenGL, IRIS GL does specify how rendering windows are created and manipulated. IRIS GL’s windowing interface is reasonably popular largely because it is simple to use. IRIS GL programmers can worry about graphics programming without needing to be an expert in programming the native window system. Experience also demonstrated that IRIS GL’s windowing interface was high-level enough that it could be retargeted to different window systems. Silicon Graphics migrated from NeWS to the X Window System without any major changes to IRIS GL’s basic windowing interface. For more info you can use this best essay service to having a wonderful assistant in writing and even you can get the guidelines too.

Answered on May 28, 2018.
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